Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye to Guatemala

Tomorrow I leave this land of eternal spring where I have spent close to the last two weeks experiencing the Guatemalan side of Mayan Hands, traveling to villages, enjoying the company of my companions and being well cared for by our hosts...

but most of all getting to see the women in their homes where they produce the weaving we purchase in the United States at church and home sales, from the website, in Fair Trade stores thoughout the country.

It has been an exceptional experience. Our guide Deb was right, our itinerary changed but almost always in new and interesting ways. We spent days traveling together documenting and getting to know small pieces of a country that have sustained a weaving tradition for thousands of years.

We have met women who struggle to support their families and build peace in their families and nation. I have been amazed at the resplendent colors and the seemingly unending challenges of simply surviving day to day.

Goodbyes are always somewhat melancholy but maybe I have grown used to them with all the traveling I have done. I have a friend who never says goodbye at all... She just always assures me we will see each other again.

That is how I feel as I leave.

Hasta la proxima!

Please check back for photos and for other posts about the experience and sales and news in December. More to come! Great to have you traveling with me.

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