Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Unidas Para Vivir Mejor

Well, be patient. I have not figured out the photo connection to my camera yet. Hmmm, hard to find time for it but maybe tomorrow! Trust me, it is will worth your while to check back to see this beautiful country and the women of Mayan Hands.

So, UPAVIM (Unidas Para Vivir Mejor) is an interesting cooperative of 80 women which we visted yesterday before leaving La Capital, as natives call Guatemala City.

We spent the morning touring the buildings and hearing from women about their program areas. They run a school, a day care program, a craft/sewing program and a business program which includes a neighborhood bakery.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you. They are located in one of the poorest neighborhoods built up from a squatters camp that started twenty years ago. Now these women and their children thrive in a safe place where mothers can work, check on their children and know that they are safe throughout the day.

Find out more at

I just set up my first hot link. Photos should not be far behind.

Turkey day tomorrow!

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