Friday, December 4, 2009


Though it seems long ago, on Sunday 11/29, after visiting the market of Chichicastenango, we stopped on the way back to Guatemala City at the ancient Mayan site called Iximché.

The site was largely preserved by the Spanish due to their alliance with the Kaqchikel against the K'iche'. The Spanish under Pedro de Alvarado arrived on 12 April 1524 and were well received by the lords Belehé Qat and Cahi Imox. After continuing through Atitlán, Escuintla and Cuscatlán, the Spanish under Alvarado returned to Iximché in July 1524 and founded their first capital.

We walked amidst the former palaces, ball courts and temple sites. Thousands of years ago it was a thriving community. Within two years of the famous Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado's arrival there, all the Mayans in the area had either been killed or died of illness.

Sobering. The butchery of empire doesn't really change through the ages.

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  1. so good to see you and hear your tales, Laura. how true what you say about the empires and their wreckage.