Monday, December 14, 2009

Successful Home Sale. Thanks all!

Sunday we held our first home sale. The weather was iffy (snow and rain never keep upstate New Yorkers inside!) but friends and family came out and shopped for the holidays from Mayan Hands offerings.

Earlier in the week, I ordered items for the sale from Mayan Hands. Two large boxes of items arrived from the warehouse in Maryland after a short conversation with staff there. All arrived in lovely condition and so well organized!

I spread the word through email and this blog. I think next time I will ask for the cards that Mayan Hands provided in advance and leave some in strategic places, our food coop, the library, the neighborhood hangouts and coffee shops.

Thanks everyone for making our sale a success. It was great to visit with you and share my trip to Guatemala. We appreciate your generousity and hope the gifts you give come back to you many fold.

Happy holidays...

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