Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

So far, when we have met with groups of weavers, as they introduce themselves they also express their thanks for the work they have through Mayan Hands and for our visit to them. Their words have been beautiful in their different Mayan languages... and by reading the expressive faces and then understanding the words in translation, we have all heard that they are so grateful for the opportunity to sell their products at a price much higher than what they would receive in the market here. Until this year, they have had steady work.

The groups in San Rafael, Chuaperol, Xeabaj and Panabaj have been gracious hosts welcoming us into their homes, showing us their techniques, even teaching us some simple weaving methods.

So we have been thanked everywhere we go. This Thanksgiving is special being out of the country and surrounded by traveling companions who I must admit are very easy to travel with. Kate comes from California and has worked her whole career in public health. She is a weaver and really knew what she was doing when she sat in front of a loom. Her Spanish is excellent and I am taking many cues from her!

Anne and Mark come from the Capital District of NY and we are finding many intersections and commonalities between us. Anne brings great snacks, think dried cranberries. Mark, a photography teacher at Emma Willard School in Troy, NY is taking great photos that he promises to share. He is also offering the Mayan Hands women family portraits which they really enjoy posing for!

So grateful. Especially to you who are reading this. Enjoy this day. Hello and love to friends and family far away. A turkey is roasting for us and we will learn about a weaving education program this morning that works together with Mayan Hands to support the weavers, Oxlajuj B´atz´which means Thirteen Threads. The sun is shining and the air is cool.

I am especially thankful for the strong women I am meeting here who remind me of all the strong women in my life! Thank you and you know who you are... Meltiox!


  1. ..."almost no words to describe the beauty". I look forward for the few ones that find a crack to come this way! It's fun to travel vicariously through these posts!!!

  2. Thanks and eat some turkey and creamed onions for me.

  3. this will be a memorable trip, i can tell.