Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy to be part of the problem and the solution!

That´s what Mayan Hands fieldworker just said about her work with the women weavers. Her name is Teresa and she is what our guide calls a firecracker. Twenty'seven years old, she has worked three years with MH and put much of here heart and soul into the work.

Today we traveled across Lake Atitlan to Santiago Atitlan. There are almost no words for the beauty of this caldera lake surrounded by volcanoes. We spent the morning with women of Panabaj who lived through the mudslides of Hurrican Stan and continue to produce beautiful products like the Children of the World purses.

Ahh, so much to tell you all. I need to learn to post pictures quickly form camera to hotel computer. Let me spend some time learning that and try to post later!


  1. I think this project is awesome! And we're looking forward to the home sale when you get back! C&C Knite

  2. Oh, so nice you are following you two... I look forward to seeing you when I get back. Stories to tell as I am sure you have too.
    have a Happy Thanksgiving!